Massage Therapies

At LeFore’s Spa we offer different modalities of Massage for you to choose from. Our professional therapist will ensure you receive the treatment that most suits your individual needs.

Relaxation Massage

Let us melt your tension away with our classic swedish massage. This massage utilizes long flowing strokes to eliminate muscle tension and stress, with both light and firm pressure.

Therapeutic Massage

For the treatment of pain and injury. This I a more in-depth and deep tissue massage designed to concentrate on specific areas in need of deeper work, detailed to fit each clients pain or injury.

Expectations Massage

Calming therapy for the mother to be. This massage relaxes the body through each new phase of Pregnancy, relaxation that will aid in releasing stress for both the mother and baby.

Hot Stone Massage

A perfect blend of heat and gentle pressure. Our therapist will relieve your sore and tired muscles by strategically incorporating specially heated stones into this relaxing treatment. Excellent for people who suffer with arthritics.

Chair Massage

If you have limited time, just give us a call or stop in for a quick chair massage. Chair massage is a fast, effective way to relieve tension If we have a therapist available, you don’t need an appointment.

Massage for your Business

Hire our therapist to come to your place of business, a great stress reducer for your staff. We can do 15 to 20 minute chair massages during meetings, holiday parties, or special events.
Please speak with the manager for very affordable offsite chair massage prices.

Focus on the Feet

While your feet soak, your therapist will begin with a head massage, continuing along neck, shoulders, arms, legs, then focusing on the feet with massage following pressure point massage with hot stones.

Become a LeFore Spa Diva

Have you ever been at our annual client appreciation day and wondered just why some people received a wonderful gift bag? Well the secret is out! Every year we hand out these luxury gifts to our top twenty five guest. What a treat, come in year round and get pampered by any number of services, (or purchases) and you too could become one of our valued LeFore’s Spa Diva’s.

Please ask about our referral program to earn complimentary services.